Creating an API Key in Stay


Stay uses API keys to authenticate usage. Keys are managed inside the Merchant Portal

Access API Keys by navigating to by navigating to Settings -> API Keys

Create a new API key by clicking the New API Key button from the settings page.

When creating a new API Key you will be required to submit the following information.

  • Name - This is the name you want to assign your API Key
  • Description - A brief description of the API Keys purpose
  • Email - The email address of the associated API Key Admin
  • Scopes - The level of access your new API Key will have (More details below)


Stay uses Scopes to control API key access; you initiate scopes when creating a new API Key (See above section)

Here is a list of every scope currently available:

  • All
  • Read Subscriptions
  • Update Subscriptions
  • Delete Subscriptions
  • Read Orders
  • Read Webhooks
  • Update Webhooks
  • Delete Webhooks
  • Read Selling Plan Groups

Testing your new Key